…after 11+ years I still am still being denied a trial

Veronica Ann Williams (“Petitioner”) respectfully petitions the U.S. Court System to review and reverse the rulings of the New Jersey Court system and allow a trial in front of a jury by her peers.


The defendants began their crusade of fraud and deception against the Petitioner in 2006. The Petitioner gallantly tried to evade their predatory actions. When the purchased her mortgage a second time she tried to reach a fair resolution, to no avail.

The first time Litton Loan (“Litton”) purchased the Petitioner’s mortgage, she refinanced her mortgage with Fremont Investment and Loan (“Fremont”) to get it out of the hands of Litton Loan. But, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) put Fremont Investment and Loan out of business and the loan ended up back in the hands of Litton Loan. Litton promised a modification to convince her not to move the mortgage to Chase. Litton told her they would process the modification immediately if the payments were received before Nov. 2009. The Petitioner agreed to Litton’s modification. Her payments were received by Litton before the deadline. Litton lied; accepted the payments, foreclosed, then cashed the payment checks (against the law in NJ). The Petitioner was forced to file a legal complaint with the New Jersey Superior Court in early 2010.

After the State of New Jersey allowing numerous subversive actions/tactics to shut down the Petitioner’s legal action including, but not limited to:

  • Holding most hearings without the knowledge or participation of the Petitioner,
  • Removing defendants without cause
  • Providing false written notice of a “rescheduled” hearing
  • Changing the legal action from a jury trial to a non-jury trial
  • Granting a foreclosure without Petitioner’s knowledge on an action that was on hold until Petitioner’s civil action had been decided.
  • Delaying a response to Petitioner’s inquiries for the decision on her first appeal to the New Jersey Superior Court
  • Losing appeals and payments sent via U.S. Certified Mail
  • Blocking the appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court
  • Awarding a foreclosure in violation of procedure (while civil case was still underway)
  • And more…..

The New Jersey Courts allowed the defendants to succeed in their continued deception by granting a dismissal of the Petitioner’s case without her knowledge and while the appeal should have been underway in the New Jersey Supreme Court. The NJ Courts also granted a foreclosure without the Petitioner’s knowledge or participation.